Midgardsormr | Empyreum | W3 P50


Guests are invited to spend their morning and early afternoon with Bella to meet others, relax, and enjoy complimentary brunch. There is no set schedule, but brunch is generally open on weekdays between 8am - 2pm CST. Location varies depending on the day, so be on the lookout for the Party Finder or join the Discord to get announcements for openings!


Please respect the following rules while at Bella's.1. Be kind to others.
2. Respect other people's boundaries.
3. SFW content only.
4. Do not teleport while inside the house. (Move to front door is okay)
5. If you're unsure if something is allowed, just ask!
If you have questions about rules, please send a tell to Bella in game or submit a ticket on Discord via the #contact-staff channel.


Join the Discord to see new photos posted every opening.